To help make development accessible to all, DEMOCRATIZE DEVELOPMENT offers services to individuals, governments, institutions, and organizations.

If you are interested in learning more about this movement or looking to democratize development processes in your area, email inquiries and comments to:



DEMOCRATIZE DEVELOPMENT seeks to make housing attainable to all. To help support efforts to increase the accessibility and reach of our housing and development research, advocacy, and services, please consider subscribing or donating to this ongoing work.


Educational Seminars
Do you believe that members of your community or staff of an organization would benefit from learning more about the movement to democratize development and the role it can play in comprehensively addressing affordable housing crises? Upon request, DEMOCRATIZE DEVELOPMENT is available to prepare presentations about this movement and tailor them to your audience at scheduled meetings, special events, or community gatherings.

Advice, Analysis, and Consulting
To promote diversity, affordability, and sustainability, does your government need advice on how to reform zoning ordinances, subdivision regulations, housing codes, and other public policies? Is your academic institution interested in incorporating the latest theories and best practices in housing, urban studies, and community planning and development into your curricula? Could your non-profit affordable housing development or advocacy organization gain something from a critical look at the principles that guide its work? DEMOCRATIZE DEVELOPMENT can provide advisory analysis and consultations to help inform your community or organization about the process of democratizing real estate planning, design, finance, construction, ownership, management, and other aspects of development.

Would you or your foundation like to support the democratization of development by making funding available for research, training, or technical assistance? Do you want your organization to more successfully compete for grant funding by incorporating aspects of the Democratize Development Movement into your applications? Are you looking to collaborate on events, including seminars, walking tours, and community gatherings? DEMOCRATIZE DEVELOPMENT is interested in building mutually-beneficial relationships and partnerships with movements, institutions, and organizations that seek comprehensive solutions to affordable housing crises.

If you seek truth, DEMOCRATIZE DEVELOPMENT would like to hear from you!